help I’m about to get in a fight on twitter with a teenager about rape culture on pretty little liars

this is my second ever twitter fight. the first was with a white libertarian boy who ended up calling me racist. let’s see how long this goes before I decide going to bed is the better choice. 

help I’m about to get in a fight on twitter with a teenager about rape culture on pretty little liars



I’m wearing stockings.

Can I get a reminder, in which states is Natalie Dormer considered contraband?

YouTube has given this precious gift to us all

actually me every time I wear stockings

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Speaking of rape culture (as if I ever shut up), it’s almost the end of July and you know what that means? Yale’s semi-annual Title IX sexual misconduct report! Who else is excited? Can’t wait to read it and cry like I often do.

But for real I really think there’s going to be a huge increase in reports, and I’m curious to see how big the increase is. 


this episode of pretty little liars is all about rape culture and victim blaming and its so upsetting

Gah I’m like three quarters of the way through the episode now (taking a tumblr break while it buffers) and I’m just like “noooooooo spencer and emily you are saying all of the wrong things! textbook wrong things!” 

omg omg omg he got in her car. lakdjflakdsjf. I hate men. 

deviantfemme said: Hey - I just saw your reblog of my 'predatory lesbian' post. I should've thought of the abusive aspect of it, and just somehow didn't. I can absolutely add a trigger warning if you think that would help others.

No worries! It didn’t trigger me or anything, and I don’t think it’s triggering content or anything.  I just associate “predatory” with abusers and “predatory lesbian” with abusive queer women who target straight girls or newly out girls. I didn’t mean it as an insult to you at all. Thanks for checking in though! Though it might be good to consider that interpretation when using the term- I can’t imagine I’m the only person who associates “predator” with coercive/non-consensual stuff. 

But thanks again for checking in :)

Thinking about embracing the term Predatory Lesbian



Maybe just changing it up some -

Predatory Femme

Hunting all the cute queers while looking so fab.

Ripping and tearing apart the patriarchy.

Prowling in heels, unafraid of the streets at night.

Never straying from the solidarity of my femme pack. 

Reminding myself that I am a predator and the power that I possess. 

To be honest when I saw the term “predatory lesbian” I thought it was going to be used to describe people like Alex Vause or my abuser



Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Deleted Scene 

but why do they delete all the scenes showing ron as he actually was in the book?

#because apparently movie!ron is not allowed to actually be harry’s friend

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